“What I love best in live are new starts.” – Karl Lagerfeld


I honesty always kept asking myself why someone should start blogging and tell random people about the things I love and like to do. I always thought: Who the hell cares?

The years since I started my study were the craziest of my life.
But the most influential year was 2016.

I’ve never travelled so far and a lot and achieved so many meaningful things.
I never had so much time to think about the things that really matter to me and that really make me happy – and most important: to think about Who I really am.

Things Change when you’re in the Position of making decisions that are important for your next steps. But I never was someone who ever thought about the things that could happen in the future.

I’m a passionate traveller since ever. I love new countries, new People, new cultures.
The same things happen when you go to Music Festivals and concerts. It’s all about the pure happiness and freedom we experience in such moments.

To answer the question why I start this blog:

To start with something I never imagined to start before.




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