that was the phrase I always wrote in nearly every friendship book and I always told myself when I was still a child. As Long as I can remember I travel with my parents around the world and as long as that I was fascinated by the beautiful women who worked on board of every flight I took. I also wanted to wear that supercool uniform and to be as kind as they were and smile every day, because I was a happy girl, too.

After I got my high-school degree I started working at the Düsseldorf Airport as a check-in assistant, or also “ground stewardess”. It definitely was one of the most interesting part-time Jobs I had so far. I was responsible for the check-in and the picking up and taking away the little kids to the airplane. And there I got my uniform and could smile the whole damn day. But I definitely wanted more. I still got fascinated when the super cool cabin-crew checked in and I still wanted to be as cool as they were and also be part of a cabin crew one day, too. So I applied to several airline companies and finally got a confirmation for one. Because of medical reasons I couldn’t compete it. So I was sure to attempt my next step in studying tourism management. Dual.

I really thank god for the Intervention because that never happened and leaded me directly to the study I do now – Fashionmanagement.

Even if there are, were and always will be some challenges, this study offered me so many oppurtunities. Within one semester I already worked for two of my favorite designers JIL SANDER and KARL LAGERFELD and took part of two fashion shows in Berlin and Milan.

There is an old Arabic saying: maktub /مكتوب
My mom, aunt and grandma always used to say it when something happened or didn’t happen. It means “It’s written“. So everything you do, get, don’t do or don’t get in your life is simply maktub.
And that was always the small word that never let me give up on my goal to achieve something big and finally let me find my right way. Thanks mommy and granny for never let me be afraid of the future.img_20161130_201431




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