It’s been now 6 month,…

since I applied to one of my biggest Idol in the fashion scene – Karl Lagerfeld.

To give you a short summary: I had to do an intership within my studies in my 5th semester. When I began my study I really looked forward to this time- finally I have the chance to work for 6 month in a job that I love, apply my knowledge and wisdom, having new experiences , meeting new people and getting new chances.
4 semester later I was completly fucked up. First of all I noticed (again) that I’m not and never will be a type of human being who could ever easily study. I hate learning. Not learning in a way of learning life lessons, learning in the way of remembering mathematical formulas or clause contents. I just can’t do it. But I was still motivated to pass through this 7 semesters of mental dying because I still had a bit hope left that this is the way I want to go. It was my dream to work one day for a high fashion brand in the menswear section. For me there is nothing more beautiful than a well dressed man especially in a tailor-made suit. But that motivation only lasted until I had to apply to companies to do that internship.

As I said, I received one rejection after the other and the biggest no-names of the business didn’t want me. After I got a confirmation from a small company in Hamburg I asked myself on a saturday evening: wtf Mona. This can’t be everything you can achieve. There is so much more.

So I grabbed my laptop and applied in one moment after the other one last time:
to Karl Lagerfeld.
On monday morning before I even drank my coffee I got a phone call from the Marketing and PR Manager of the Karl Lagerfeld menswear headoffice in Miltenberg, Germany, a small village 3h far away from my hometown Bochum and instantly got an invitation for a job interview. I didn’t believe that until I really arrived to the office.

Well and now I’m here still don’t believing it and more than happy to have the chance to assist the PR & Marketing department (that consist with me included of only two persons worldwide) for Karl Lagerfeld menswear.
It honestly was and still is one of the best times of my life. I’m not only sure, that the way I’m currently going is the right one and that every single struggle of studing night after night was and still is totally worth it, I also made new friends , new experiences  and got to know so many interesting and kind people and such a beautiful Germany that I didn’t know it was existing before.

Long story short – you see: whatever your dream in your life is, just take every risk and every chance to achieve it. Or simply: maktub.


T-Shirt: Karl Lagerfeld
Leatherjacket: Mango
Jeans: Zara
Boots + Clutch: Zara




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  1. Where are you located and do you need a photographer

    On Jan 18, 2017 6:06 AM, “CREDE IN TE – I ITINERE TUO” wrote:

    > monasparkles posted: ” It’s been now 6 month,… since I applied to one > of my biggest Idol in the fashion scene – Karl Lagerfeld. To give you a > short summary: I had to do an intership within my studies in my 5th > semester. When I began my study I really looked forward to” >


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