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Finally, after 7 years, when I first heard about this stunning place, I arrived in Mykonos, the small Cycladic Greek “island of the winds”, and one of the places I had on my bucket list for so long.

But why do I want to visit such an unknown place like Mykonos?
So many asked me this question. When I first heard about this wonderful island, the 15 year old me bumped into a song called “Mykonos” from an Indie band called “The Fleet Foxes”. This song really caught me in a magical way and I wondered what the lyrics were about. I looked it up and what I found was a beautiful piece of earth that looked so calm and peaceful somewhere in the great Aegean ocean. Since that I wanted to visit Mykonos – and well, now I’m here!

Mykonos is like I imagined a true gem. Located in a position on this earth that enjoys incredible sunlight, it’s a place full of serenity and happiness and where it’s hard to have a bad day. Before it became a non-plus-ultra destination for blogger and celebrities, it was the most well-known island of Greece, since the 1960s a hotspot for homosexuals, artists and those who just want to be free. And now its famous for its amazing nightlife, fun and wellbeing and attracts tourists from all over the world, with its Cycladic architecture, history, geography and mythology. It’s have been said that Mykonos was the location of the battle between Zeus and the Titans.
And guess what? Mykonos is also known to be a EDM hotspot where world famous DJs perform during summer! Maybe I got a sense for places like that.

Our day routine was without big pannig: we got lost in the clean and colourful alleys of the island, strawling through tiny shops and wondered where we end up next at the end of the road. We also rent a car to reach the clear blue watered beaches and hidden bays.
Every evening, when the sun goes down, people from all over the world meet in “Little Venice” and the famous Windmills to enjoy the sunset together, celebrating it with a big applause at the end which is definetly more dedicated to the island than the sunset.

I’m happy to be able to say that I’ve visited so many places in my life now and no place gave me so much peace like this tiny island within shortest time. I heard somebody say “Santorini was beautiful, but Mykonos feels like home.” – Well, I have nothing more to say.


Clutch PARROT: Picard


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