MFWM 2017277

Milan Fashion Week Men 2017 is just in fully swing and I’m so excited to watch the most important shows of the menswear Spring/Summer 18 collection again!
Last year I had the honor to take part and even to work for the JIL SANDER SS2017 Fashion Show in one of the worlds biggest and most important fashion metropolis, Milan in bella Italia!

It was my first time in Milan, and that Italian charm of a typical Italian city directly caught me – the architecture, the art, the history, the food, the lifestyle and especially the incredibly well dressed people! No matter if at the train station, in the bus or even at the McDonald’s at the corner – you’ll find men in tailored suits and women dressed up in CHANEL, FENDI, GUCCI, with perfect hair and make-up. I was sure: I just landed in Milan.

This internship was offered by my university and a former graduate, who is living the dream of so many fashion students, who is now working in the communication department of JIL SANDER. Within only 2 days I booked a flight to an unknown city that I only knew from magazines and news before and decided to take this opportunity to see what’s behind such a fashion show and behind a city that is famous for its perfect sense of style. It was the first time in 4 semester of my study where i was sure, that the career I chose is the right one for me, although it was a hard week for me and everyone I worked with. I also was really happy to know that I was going to work for the menswear, which has always fascinating me the most – everyone is really relaxed, friendly, open and also the fashion itself is clean, classic, simple and still meaningful, without big frills.
One of Jil Sanders most popular quotes is: “I think there is always a need for pure design. With pure design, you don’t need so much decoration.” and with her fashion she definitely expresses this – Luxury in Simplicity.

It wasn’t only my first time in Milan, furthermore it was also my first time I saw a showroom from the inside. I think I couldn’t be happier to say that I had my first time in the showroom of Jil Sander. The head office was just at the famous Piazza Castello and the showroom was so incredibly beautiful with a view at the old castle Castello Sforzesco (which is by the way an art museum you have to visit!). I really caught myself a hundred times looking outside instead of working.

After introducing me to the team I finally got to know what I had to do the upcoming week: I should help them with the fittings of the models. We had two fitting models we worked with the whole week. They were dressed up in every possible combination of an outfit, photographed, to decide in the end which outfit is going to be presented in the show. For the main fashion Show, there was a casting with hundreds of male models, we needed again to dress up and undress again. Only around 25 of them were chosen in the end and we needed to dress them up in the right outfit to check if everything fits right. Undressing good looking men sounds like nothing I should be complaining about, I know, but doing this for one week, every day, from the morning until midnight is really hard. But the fact that you just undressed the most famous models of the business who also walk for brands like Alexander McQueen, Versus Versace, FENDI and many more makes every second I had less for sleep totally worth it.  It’s unbelievable how many hours of work are needed for such a fashion show that only lasts around 10 to maximum 20 minutes. Everything needs to be perfect; everything was checked a hundred times and planned to the tiniest detail. Being able to make this experience, seeing the faces behind such a fashion show, working back to back with the art directors, designers, models and photographers of such a big brand like JIL SANDER is a real treasure. Seeing the results you have been working on and celebrating this success with people you worked with day and night was really affecting. Everyone was happy, relieved and also sad, that such a successful week found its end.

Fortunately I had also the opportunity to explore the city. If you visit Milan the first thing to see and even to climb up is of course the famous Duomo where you can have an incredible view all over Milan. To have an even better view on the Duomo go to the Terazza Aperol which is located right in front of this beautiful building right in the artistic Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II where you can also find high fashion labels like Louis Vuitton, Dior and many more. Milan is a true fashion paradise for shopping but also for relaxing with good food, drinks and music. Therefore I recomment you to visit the district Navigli which reminded me a lot of Venice with its beautiful canals and tiny restaurants.

Watching the current Fashion Shows gives me the urgent feeling to go back to this stunning place as soon as possible which I’m going to visit for sure again soon! Ciao per ora, Milan! See you soon!



Here the full video of the complete SS17 Fashion Show:





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